In 1990, we have started to explore our ancestors. The main research-focus of our ancestors are the families named Kaatze, Langhoff, Laskiwitz, Rathert, Riechmann, Schäkel and Störmer.

On the basis of the reality that a complete side-branch of ancestors (Schäkel) descend from the church-community of Frille, occurred with the conclusion of our own research, could be the entire data of the church-books of the church-community Frille record from 1648 up to the year 1875. After the conclusion of this project, the recording of more church-communities took place in same manner.

Meanwhile, 200.000 persons are approximately in our databases, most of them already recorded by EDV. 

Under aid of the internet, move up-seekers should now be given the possibility to direct inquiries to us, that especially refers on our main-research.

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